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Discover The Benefits of an LED Lighting Retrofit

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Lighting Retrofit by Value Energy Solutions Benefits:

  • Save Up to 60% on your Energy Bills: Reduce Your Operations and Maintenance Costs
  • Return on Investment Possible in Less Than 2 Years: Best Selection-Lowest Pricing
  • Turnkey Operations: Materials, Installations
  • Recycling Program: Responsible Disposal of old lamps and fixtures
  • Financing Available: Potential Tax Deductions Available from State and Federal Government

The cost of lighting is up to 40% of the average commercial buildings total electricity costs. Want to reduce your energy costs? A lighting retrofit is the easiest and quickest way to realize energy cost savings.

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Property Types That Can Save On Their Lighting Costs

"A lighting retrofit has the best ROI of any energy efficient program with savings between 30 and 60 percent."
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